Professor N LeRoy Poff

Professor N. LeRoy Poff is a stream and river ecologist in the Department of Biology at Colorado State University and a newly appointed part-time faculty in the Institute of Applied Ecology at the University of Canberra. Since receiving his PhD in 1989, his research has focused on how the ecological consequences of how human-caused changes to the natural patterns of variability in rivers modify the interactions among species and the structure and function of aquatic and riparian ecosystems. Dr. Poff has consciously attempted to build a bridge between basic science and practical application. He is a globally recognised leader in an area that he helped pioneer, the science underlying “environmental flows” an assessment of how much water rivers require to be functionally self-sustaining in the face of human water demand.

Dr. Poff has published over 120 peer-reviewed journal articles and invited book chapters. His work is widely known outside the US and he has given invited plenary/keynote presentations at meetings in Australia, Canada, China, England, Finland, Korea, Spain and Switzerland. He has advised both government agencies and non-governmental organisations (including The Nature Conservancy, Conservation international, Trout Unlimited, American Rivers) as they seek solutions to critical problems in water management and conservation. His work has helped shape sustainable water quantity management in US agencies and several US states, as well as in Europe and in Australia. He has also worked closely with cities in the US to frame policies for sustainable water management.

Among his honours, Dr. Poff is a former President of the international Society for Freshwater Science. He was selected as a Fellow in the Aldo Leopold Leadership Program of the Ecological Society of America, and he also elected as a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and as a Fellow of the Ecological Society of America.  

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