Special Sessions/Symposia


The theme of this year’s conference is:
'Waters of past and present: shaping pathways for future management‘

The conference focuses on decision making in times of uncertainty and the theme reflects the importance of accessing ancient knowledge, measured changes, current information and predicted scenarios in the management of our aquatic ecosystems for the future.

The theme will be supported by the following special sessions/symposia for which submissions are invited:

i. Indigenous water knowledge
ii. Climate change and waterways
iii. Palaeolimnology for wetland management
iv. Adaptation pathways to the Future
v. Vegetation of Australian Riverine Landscapes
vi. The ecology of Large Rivers – a symposium in tribute of Keith Walker
vii. Long Term Intervention Monitoring under the Basin Plan

The organising committee also welcomes submissions for additional special sessions/symposia (a minimum of five presentations is required for a session/symposium to be included). Suggestions for additional special sessions/symposia themes are below, however, members are welcome to suggest and organise a symposium around any relevant theme.

  • Age and growth
  • Aquatic vegetation
  • Assessing benefits of management actions
  • Bioassessment/monitoring
  • Defining baseline condition
  • Ecological modelling
  • Ecosystem processes
  • Environmental flows
  • Estuarine ecology
  • Exotic/invasive species
  • Fisheries management/assessment
  • Food webs
  • Long-term monitoring
  • Molecular ecology/genetics
  • Movement/connectivity
  • Rehabilitation and restoration  
  • Science policy and management
  • Social/cultural
  • Threatened species




 Submissions close on Wednesday 1 June 2016.  Click here to submit your abstract.

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